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SibuJaya house owner happy to celebrate Raya at new home


SIBU: For happy homeowner Suryati Ismail, celebrating Hari Raya at her new home in SibuJaya, was a dream come true.

“When we bought the house last year, we were excited about the prospect of celebrating at our beautiful new home in SibuJaya, and we started planning and decorating,” she said during her Raya open house on Sunday.

“And the fruits of our labour are now for all to enjoy,” she added, as she went about serving her guests at her Pearl Avenue corner unit home.

Reflecting on the decision to purchase a home in SibuJaya instead of old Sibu Town, she said it was a practical and sensible move.

“I would never have gotten such a house in the old town at this price,” she said, referring to both the build-up space and the surrounding compound.

It made sense for her to use the savings from purchasing a home in SibuJaya for decorating her new home.

Suryati also knew that the booming township offered her the opportunity to start her own café business.

“I rented a corner unit and opened up Razz’s Café SibuJaya last year and business has been good,” she enthused.

She said with hard work and determination, anyone could make a living for themselves and not have to rely on others.

“My husband was worried about the hours I would have to put in to make both my business and our home a success,” she said.

“But I told him, without hard work, success will not come and I promised him I will not moan about the hours,” she added with a laugh.

Today, the café has branched out into catering as well and serves all kinds of halal food.

Suryati could also lay claim to having served the Malaysian Prime Minister and his entourage personally at an event near SibuJaya last year.

“I mustered up the courage and I knew if I prepared well and conducted myself professionally, everything would go smoothly,” she recounted about her initial nervousness when securing the catering contract.

Her story typically reflects the success stories of many of SibuJaya’s inhabitants who ventured out of their comfort zone at the old part of Sibu Town to start a new life in this township which has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years.