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SRDC holds dialogue with SibuJaya residents

Lau (right) showing a local delicacy at one of the stalls.

SIBU: The Sibujaya Night Market had an encouraging start on its opening night despite the rain.

Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) chairman Sempurai Petrus said a large number of people visited the market and the council hoped it would become a new attraction in the Sibujaya township and Sibu town.

“The colourful lights and synchronised canopies can be something iconic in Sibujaya,” he said.

The opening of the night market was an achievement for the council, as it planned to transform Sibujaya into an economically vibrant and modern township.

“The council hopes the night market can improve the socio-economic growth of Sibujaya residents in line with their Local Key Result Areas (LKRAs),” he said.

SRS-DC deputy chairman Robert Lau Hui Yew, who was instrumental in the setting up of the market, said the market would only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights initially.

“We can extend it to include weeknights as well,” he said.

Lau said he was currently discussing with the master developer of SibuJaya on how they could work together to promote the weekend market.

“We are thinking of having some activities like busking or performances by recording artistes at this site for now. We will also look into creating a collectors’ weekend bazaar where residents can put up items for sale,” he said.

All these efforts were to ensure the people had a platform to earn extra income, he explained


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Lau (right) greeting old friends at the Sibu Jaya Market.

SRDC committed to make sure Sibu Jaya successful, orderly

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) is committed to ensuring that Sibu Jaya will be a successful and orderly township with more business opportunities for the people there.

“As such, there are rules that must be followed and the people must understand that it is in their best interest to follow such rules,” council deputy chairman Robert Lau Hui Yew said.

He mentioned this at the opening of a dialogue between business operators, shop owners, the township’s developer and SRDC councillors at the Sibu Jaya Library yesterday.

“We are not here to make life difficult for anyone. By the same token, we do not want the actions of a few to make life difficult for everyone else,” he said, referring to activities that created inconveniences to others in the form of unlicensed structures or usage of public spaces.

The dialogue was held to let the stakeholders know what they could use and do and how they could go about applying for the temporary usage of certain spaces.

It was also meant as a platform for stakeholders to speak up and provide feedback to the council.

More than 100 people were present at the session which Lau described as highly successful because he could see that they were willing to work together with the council and all parties were committed to resolving challenges instead of blaming each other.

He added: “Yes we will always have differences in opinions. But what matters is that the people know that SRDC is not here to make things hard for them. And all of us in SRDC also know that our existence is to facilitate the people’s needs and as such we will always strive to do what we can for the people.”

Towards this end, Lau reminded the people that they had only one chance to get it right with regards to the township’s orderly development.

“The moment you slack and let it slide then the beautiful township that you see before you will deteriorate. That is why we are so concerned about getting things right in the first place,” he explained.

He pointed out that everything in Sibu Jaya had been planned properly, and the township had even picked up an award for excellent town planning.

It is now up to the people and the council to make sure that this township grows properly into its full potential, he said.

“An orderly and progressive township that is as vibrant as Sibu Jaya could only lead to more business opportunities for the people,” he said.